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im 19 years old, i live in bremerton wa, i grew up in the church and it was always 1st hand.I recently graduated high school, and moved 3000 miles away from home and all my friends, and got into somethings thats not like me, and i tryed trying to pray but its feels as if the connection is bad, what do i do?

June 23, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterkevin witherspoon

How are you doing, this is my first time on this website to say, but I can provide some words of inspiration, and a prayer from my heart. I too, was once lost and stumble upon a world of sins, and deceit. You are not by yourself in this world, just remember, to keep your faith. Don't lose sight of your goal, stay focus. Times will seem hard and life's perils might not go easy with you, but remember that GOD created you with purpose, not reason. Reasons are created, but Purposes are Destined, like of an example, what would it be like you were, not there when your family and friends needed that special, at the right time, person to talk too. Would somebody life be different without you? These questions should always rise up in your mind...Anyway, but to topic, let me say a little prayer for you. Oh, Heavenly Father...I am calling on you because my brother in christ, feels if is, he's lost and he might conform into worldly things. So, I ask if you can come into heart, clear his mind, and to give him the strength to focus his mind directly on you. I thank you Lord, for allowing me to be a live to, out of nowhere, stumble upon the website, reach to my brother in christ, and pray with him, oh, Heavenly Father, I thank thee, Halleujah, to the most High, because you are more than a King, you are more than all. Oh, my mighty Lord, forgive Him and I of our sins, so when will pray, we pray first, confessing, and asking for forgiveness of our sins. I pray that you Direct his path, to always stay on the road to righteousness, and to keep him safe from all negative obstacles, that may distract him from his dreams, goals, and plans, in JESSUS name I pray, AMEN

June 24, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterReginald Landry

Keep praying because God is so listening!!!!!!!

July 8, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterKimberly Henderson